Fillings Brisbane CBD

If your tooth has been damaged, dental fillings can help restore its look and functionality. At Dentistry on George, we can repair your tooth with natural-looking, quality dental fillings right at our Brisbane CBD clinic.

Your health and comfort are our priorities, which is why we take pride in our gentle and thorough dental care services with lasting results. If you suspect you might need a dental filling in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and compassionate team.

Brisbane CBD Fillings

Natural looking dental fillings in Brisbane CBD

If you have decay, a cavity or a fracture in your tooth, then a filling might be the answer. When you get dental fillings done at our Brisbane CBD clinic, you can feel confident in the quality of the results. Our focus is to do the job to the highest standards so that the fillings last longer.

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    The most popular choice for a dental filling nowadays is an unnoticeable composite (tooth coloured) filling. With advances in technology, tooth coloured fillings can last almost as long as the traditional silver (amalgam) fillings. The major advantage of tooth coloured fillings is that they look like a natural tooth, so they’re particularly great for fixing cavities in front teeth. However, if you prefer a metallic filling, just let our team know.

    Fillings can be a good way to help with tooth sensitivity if you’ve lost some tooth structure around your gum line. This can happen due to gum recession, which exposes the underlying surface of the tooth (the dentine), which is softer and can wear away.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do fillings last?

    The life cycle of a filling will depend on the material it’s made of, as well as how much of the original tooth structure is left. Metallic fillings last approximately 15 years or more, whereas composites generally last around 10 years. Ensuring the tooth is cleaned properly and the filling is bonded well to begin with will help it last longer.

    Do dental fillings hurt?

    We apply local anaesthesia, so getting a dental filling doesn’t hurt at all in most cases. In fact, a filling will take away any pain you might have felt before due to cavities.

    What is the best type of filling for teeth?

    Nowadays, composite fillings are the most popular due to their natural look. However, some people do prefer metallic fillings for their durability. Let our team know if you have a preference for the type of filling to use.

    Getting a dental filling – how it works


    Fillings are a conservative way to get your tooth back to health. Our focus is to offer non-invasive treatments, maximising your natural and healthy tooth structure.

    Nowadays, getting a dental filling is almost always a pain-free experience. We start by applying a numbing gel to the gum to make sure you feel no discomfort, after which an anaesthetic injection is used to eliminate any pain.

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    Once you’re comfortable and ready, our dentist will prepare the tooth and remove the decay. Finally, the dental filling is placed on the tooth and smoothed out. The process is quick and easy, you can get back to your normal life (including eating and drinking) right after. Getting a dental filling usually takes only 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many fillings are needed and how large they are.

    It’s a good idea to see your dentist sooner rather than later if you suspect you might need a dental filling. Acting early can often prevent the need for more complex treatment, such as root canal or dental crowns.

    The Dentistry on George Difference

    Quality Care

    Family Owned & Operated

    Personalised Service

    Your comfort and health are our priority. Whether you’re coming in for a quick check-up or extensive treatment, our team goes above and beyond to create a relaxing and trusting environment. It’s our vision to make every dental experience a positive one!

    We strive for excellence in both our dental care results and customer service. Our team takes the time to listen to your questions and worries, making sure you’re comfortable throughout your appointment. We want to see every client leave our clinic with a smile.