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Tooth extraction is never the first option in treatment, but sometimes it’s necessary. Our highly skilled and gentle dental care team make tooth extraction at our Brisbane CBD clinic as pain-free as possible. If you think your tooth might need to be extracted, call us today to book a consultation

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Tooth Extraction Services in Brisbane CBD

Tooth extraction is always the last option – we’ll try to save your tooth whenever possible. We only ever recommend tooth extraction as a treatment when it’s necessary for your health and well-being.

If a tooth does need to be removed, we make sure you’re perfectly comfortable before it’s done. Our dentist has extensive training in the latest methods in dentistry, making sure your visit is comfortable. A local anaesthetic will be applied to make sure you’re very numb.

In your initial consultation, we’ll outline the treatment methods to be used and give you an all-inclusive quote. We’ll explain to you everything that’s involved and offer advice on how to care for your mouth and teeth after tooth extraction.

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When is tooth extraction necessary?

Unfortunately, some teeth are beyond repair and tooth extraction is unavoidable. The reasons are many and each patient is different, so it’s important you get a proper dental assessment before removing a tooth. If you suspect you might need a tooth extraction, call us for a consultation with our team.

Common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Extensive tooth cracks
  • Extensive decay
  • Severely loose teeth
  • Badly infected teeth
  • Wisdom teeth not fitting in the mouth

For the removal of wisdom teeth or other complex extractions, we may refer you to our trusted oral surgeon colleagues. We make sure you’ll be in the best possible hands.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Your comfort and health are our priority. Whether you’re coming in for a quick check-up or extensive treatment, our team goes above and beyond to create a relaxing and trusting environment. It’s our vision to make every dental experience a positive one!

We strive for excellence in both our dental care results and customer service. Our team takes the time to listen to your questions and worries, making sure you’re comfortable throughout your appointment. We want to see every client leave our clinic with a smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Dentistry on George, our focus is on quality treatment. Our prices are competitive, but they reflect the high standard of care we offer. Each tooth is different, so the exact price will depend on the complexity of the procedure. You’ll get a fully upfront quote before we begin any treatment.

The gum will usually close in on the hole in 2-3 weeks after tooth extraction. The bone will continue to heal for a few months after this point.

When we do in-chair tooth extraction, a local anaesthetic is applied, making the area completely numb. This makes the treatment pain-free, but you might experience some swelling and discomfort after. With more complex extractions done by specialist surgeons, it’s possible to sleep through the procedure.

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