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Teeth Cleaning and Check-Ups

Get your teeth all clean and bright by booking a teeth cleaning and check-up at our Brisbane city clinic!

With our convenient location as well as before-work and lunchtime appointments, it’s never been easier to look after your dental health. Our experienced dental health professionals make sure your visit is comfortable and efficient.

As expert dentists, we always take into consideration any medical history that could affect your dental health. Most of our clients come to form a long-term patient relationship with us, so we can also take photographs to monitor gum health over time. At our clinic, you’ll see the same dentist each time you come in, so you can feel confident they’ll know how to provide the best care for you.

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Prevent dental issues with regular check-ups

Prevention is better than cure. A regular teeth cleaning and check-up helps maintain good oral health and prevents major problems from occurring. Our highly trained dentist and dental assistants do a thorough check of your teeth, gums and mouth, picking up on things before they become an issue.

Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaned as a proactive health measure or for a special occasion, our team will give you the meticulous attention you deserve. It is also a good idea to book in a teeth cleaning appointment before getting your teeth whitened.

Find us on level 3 at 199 George Street

We’re located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, at the corner of George Street and Queen street. Enjoy easy public transport links, on-street parking and carparks nearby.

What to expect on your teeth cleaning appointment

Your visit to our Brisbane clinic starts with a conversation with your dentist. If it’s your first appointment, we’ll discuss your dental history. Or, if you’re a regular client, we’ll talk about any issues you’ve experienced since your last appointment. Feel free to bring up any fears or worries with your dentist at this point.

Before the teeth cleaning, your dentist will do a complete check-up of your oral health. In addition to the teeth, gums and mouth, we check the jaw joints and whether any teeth grinding or clenching is happening.

The teeth cleaning procedure includes removing plaque and tartar build-up, cleaning the teeth and the gum line. Depending on how much cleaning is needed, this can be done with an ultrasonic tooth cleaner, a hand scaler or a combination of both. People with very sensitive teeth tend to prefer manual scaling, as they might find the water spray sensation of the ultrasonic cleaner uncomfortable. Finally, the teeth are polished with a brush to remove stains and finally painted with a protective fluoride varnish.

The Dentistry on George Difference

Quality Care

Family Owned & Operated

Personalised Service

Your comfort and health are our priority. Whether you’re coming in for a quick check-up or extensive treatment, our team goes above and beyond to create a relaxing and trusting environment. It’s our vision to make every dental experience a positive one!

We strive for excellence in both our dental care results and customer service. Our team takes the time to listen to your questions and worries, making sure you’re comfortable throughout your appointment. We want to see every client leave our clinic with a smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend getting your teeth cleaned up and checked approximately every six months.

We try to make all visits to our clinic as enjoyable as possible. Most of our clients tell us afterwards that they didn’t feel a thing! If you have any fears or worries about your appointment, we’re always happy to talk about it beforehand. We do our utmost to ensure our clients feel comfortable during treatment.

The build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth allows bacteria to thrive right next to your gums. This can cause inflammation and even gum disease. It can also make it harder to effectively clean your teeth at home with flossing and brushing.

The plaque and tartar are removed either with an ultrasonic water spray cleaner or a manual scaler, depending on tooth sensitivity and how much cleaning is needed.

The main things are to brush your teeth carefully twice daily and floss at least once per day. In addition, avoid eating excessive amounts of sugary foods and drinking sugary, acidic drinks. Drinking water after a meal is also a good idea.

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