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Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that replace missing or diseased teeth and gum tissue. Custom-fit, quality dentures will allow you not just to chew normally, but also to speak and smile with confidence. We offer a range of different types of dentures at our Brisbane clinic, always customising the solution to your individual needs.

Dentures, also known as false teeth, are removable replacements for missing teeth or a single tooth. All dentures can be removed safely for cleaning and comfort.

Your dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth, resulting in a natural look. Our high-quality dentures bring back the function and appearance of a healthy set of teeth, also supporting your lips and cheeks.


Get the right dentures for your needs

Different types of dentures suit different people, which we’ll discuss with you so you can make an informed choice. Dentures can be temporary, but they’re also a great long-term solution for many people. Partial dentures replace a few teeth and can be either completely plastic or made of a metal base with plastic teeth. Full dentures, on the other hand, replace a whole set of teeth.

Nowadays, an increasingly popular choice is to get dentures that clip on to implants. Some people find clip-on dentures easier and more comfortable for daily wear. However, implants aren’t possible or a preferred solution for everyone, in which case conventional dentures are the better option. If you have been in an accident, it’s also possible to get immediate dentures while you wait to get implants or another solution organised.

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Quality dentures in Brisbane City

We offer a range of full and partial dentures at our Brisbane CBD clinic. If you are thinking about getting dentures, our experienced dentist will be happy to discuss your options with you. As a family-owned clinic, we always put our patients first, offering honest advice.

The high-quality dentures we use at our clinic are comfortable, long-lasting and natural-looking. To ensure all our dentures are of the highest standard, we only collaborate with local and reliable Australian dental labs. Your long-term health is important to us, so we take every step to ensure you’re happy with your dentures for years to come.

With our convenient location, you can get your dentures put in right in the heart of Brisbane. Flexible lunch-time appointments and before-work appointments are available, as we’re a short walk from most Brisbane CBD offices. We can also repair, clean or refit your dentures as time goes on.

Get in touch with our team to inquire about our denture services in Brisbane City.

The Dentistry on George Difference

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Your comfort and health are our priority. Whether you’re coming in for a quick check-up or extensive treatment, our team goes above and beyond to create a relaxing and trusting environment. It’s our vision to make every dental experience a positive one!

We strive for excellence in both our dental care results and customer service. Our team takes the time to listen to your questions and worries, making sure you’re comfortable throughout your appointment. We want to see every client leave our clinic with a smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like normal teeth, dentures need to be brushed daily to remove food deposits, bacteria and plaque. However, you must first remove your dentures from your mouth. Then, brush their inside and outside with a soft-bristled brush and a nonabrasive denture cleaning solution.

In the first few weeks with your new dentures, you might experience some discomfort. Your muscles, including your cheeks and tongue, are still getting used to the dentures and learning to keep them in place. You might also experience excess saliva production and minor soreness. However, your mouth will get used to the dentures after a little while. If you suspect your dentures might be too loose and that is causing the soreness, see your dentist.

Your dentures should always be stored fully submerged in clean water or a mild denture-soaking solution to prevent them from drying out and getting misshaped. Apart from that, just make sure they are stored in a secure place and make sure not to bend them.

Firstly, you should brush your dentures inside and out daily to remove bacteria, plaque, and food deposits. It’s also wise to take your dentures out and rinse them after eating. Soak your dentures overnight in a bowl of water or a mild denture-soaking solution. Confirm specific cleaning instructions with your dentist when getting your dentures.

We recommend you start with soft foods when first eating with your new dentures. Cut food up to small portions and chew slowly to prevent the denture from moving. When your mouth starts to adjust to the dentures, start adding other types of foods back into your diet. Eventually, you will be able to eat completely normal with the dentures.

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